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Profiles of Leadership

Judy Kirtley

  • 30 years experience as a critical care nurse
  • 2nd generation owner, Carter and Trudy's older daughter
  • Fun fact: participates in Camp Gladiator, as well as tap dance

Jane Neal

  • Physical Therapist and registered therapeutic horseback riding instructor
  • 2nd generation owner, Carter and Trudy's younger daughter
  • Fun fact: was the first horseback riding instructor at Doublecreek

Dan Neal
7th and up Section Leader

  • Became Doublecreek's Director in 2007 after leaving the corporate world
  • 3rd Generation owner, one of Carter and Trudy's grandsons
  • Fun fact: hates wearing socks

Kim Palk
Office Manager

  • 27+ years of teaching experience
  • Started at Doublecreek in 1976 as a counselor
  • Fun fact: found her high school ring at Doublecreek 30 years after losing it

Joe Ray Griffin
Programming Coordinator
1st-4th Grade Section Leader

  • 38+ years of experience teaching special education
  • 48 years on staff at Doublecreek
  • Fun fact: invented most of the wacky games at camp

Susan Griffin
Parent Resources

  • 30+ years working in children's health policy
  • 15 years on staff at Doublecreek
  • Fun fact: used to race her 1966 GTO

Parker Achord
Marketing Coordinator
5th and 6th Section Leader

  • Certified Special Education teacher
  • 7 year camper, 8 years on staff
  • Fun fact: holds the record time to climb the rock-wall at 21 seconds

Rachel Chuey
Equine Coordinator
C.I.T. Coordinator

  • Started riding horses at Doublecreek at age 6
  • Hired by Uncle Carter in 2005 to manage the horseback program
  • Fun fact: used to participate in horseback vaulting

Eugene Sykes
Activities Coordinator

  • Teacher and Coach for 15 years
  • 6 years on staff at Doublecreek, 3 as C.I.T. Lead Counselor
  • Fun fact: played arena football professionally

If you haven't been to Doublecreek you haven't been to day camp!