Horseback Riding Lessons

Doublecreek Horsemanship

Horseback riding includes many different styles and techniques. At Doublecreek we have a style of our own created by one of our owners, Jane Neal. We teach a balanced seat in western pleasure style riding. With this seat, our horsemanship counselors hope to instill safety, knowledge, and confidence while riding horses. With our riding techniques, campers and students will continue to grow and can also make transitions to other styles of riding if they choose to do so.

Summer Horsemanship

Our summer horsemanship program has two parts. Your camper will participate in horsemanship every day for 50 minutes. During this time, not only will they receive mounted instruction, but they will also spend time learning general information about horses and how to care for them. Mounted lessons are independent lessons for campers 2nd grade and older. Our mini campers and 1st graders will learn the same skills while also having a lead line. A lead line is a person next to their horse holding onto a lead rope. The riders are still learning all the independent skills, but with some more one on one attention and an extra pair of hands to help with the horse.

Fall and Spring Riding Lessons

Doublecreek offers an hour and a half, once weekly, western-style small group riding lessons in our covered riding arena and outdoor facilities from September through May at a monthly cost of $185.00. Students of all riding levels are welcome in our program. From beginners learning skills like grooming, tacking up, and generally caring for the horses to the advanced rider looking to hone their skills, our caring, and experienced instructors will be sure to challenge students of all riding levels while keeping safety as a top priority.

For more information, please contact Jan at:

Rachel Chuey
Equine Coordinator
Started riding horses at Camp Doublecreek at age 6
Became head riding instructor in 2005

"I love to see the independence and responsibility a child gains when they are given the opportunity to care for and ride an animal of such size and power."

Jan Gustafson
Offseason Riding Coordinator
Trained at multiple barns including Doublecreek
Involved with Camp Doublecreek for the past 29 years

"In today’s complex and busy world horses can give riders a much-needed stress relieving activity that is wholesome and unplugged"

Alison Sills
Offseason Riding Instructor
Over 15 years of experience as a teacher
Started riding at Camp Doublecreek at age 7

"Being around horses builds confidence, forms connections, and provides an opportunity for endless learning. I love being part of that process!"