Our theme for 2024 is "We Are Family"! This theme is totally appropriate, and the logo is spot on! A tree is a great representation of our growing Doublecreek family. Our roots run deep. Since 1971, Doublecreek hasn't only been a business, it's been a family. It is no coincidence that Doublecreek's founders, Carter and Trudy Lester were simply called Uncle Carter and Aunt Trudy. The expression Aunt and Uncle fit them like a glove. It did not matter if you were a first-time camper or counselor when you stepped on the Doublecreek campus, you immediately had a new Aunt and Uncle.

Doublecreek has always been a special place. I don't have the literary skills to convey with pen and paper what gives Doublecreek its unique family atmosphere. It isn't physical. You will find swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts, archery ranges, playscapes, soccer and kickball fields, etc. on schools and camps throughout central Texas. What makes us different?

I see the answer on our promotional logo. A tree. The tree in the logo is expanding, one decade after another. Physically the Doublecreek of 1971 does not resemble the Doublecreek of 2024. Branches grow and expand because the roots are deep, and the core is strong. Our core values of Engage, Inspire, Encourage, and Challenge remain constant. Trees grow with love and care. The branches and leaves in our logo represent campers and counselors who have grown and thrived at Camp Doublecreek.

It all starts with a cycle that doesn't stop. We are planning for 2024 right now. Director Dan is attending or planning one meeting after another. Mrs. Rachel is evaluating our old staff while working on hiring new staff for 2024 along with working on marketing. Mrs. Kim is juggling countless office tasks. Mr. Mike looks after all things mechanical and all things to do with landscaping.

We want your camper to have a rewarding and terrific experience when they come to Doublecreek and to genuinely feel that they are a part of our family. For that to happen, the work starts now!

A wiser man than I once said, "Great ideas without work or preparation creates empty space." Great ideas with work and planning creates Camp Doublecreek!

-Joe Ray