Join Our Counselor In Training Program

Looking for an exciting summer camp experience? Come to Camp Doublecreek! Our counselor in training program is the perfect way for ages 14-16 to learn what it takes to be a camp counselor. You'll get hands-on experience leading activities, working with children, and making lifelong friends. Plus, our experienced staff will be there to mentor and support you every step of the way. Sign up today by emailing Rachel at

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  • Who can be a C.I.T.?
    Former, exceptional campers ages 14-16 years old who attend T Camp and who high performance and potential.
  • What is a C.I.T.?
    Counselor In Training who exhibits and embodies the C.I.T. 5 pillars (I am Third, Perception is Reality, Trust is earned, Details are Important, Be Consistent) while learning to become an exceptional staff member.
  • When to become a C.I.T.?
    Applicants must participate in T Camp the summer prior to entering the C.I.T. program, and if accepted begin the following summer. (Ages 13-15 may attend T Camp)
  • Why be a C.I.T.?
    This program trains young leaders to become a counselor in the same fun and safe environment that they have grown up in as campers and provide work skills for their future. These C.I.T.s have the desire to stay in the Camp Doublecreek family as they mature into adults.
  • How:
    T Camp is a 3-day tryout session where applicants participate in interviews, evaluations, team building, work projects, and shadowing group counselors. The cost of T Camp is $200.00 which covers snacks, lunches, a t-shirt, and other training materials. This amount must be paid by check or cash only, but is not due until the first day of T Camp! If the applicant will be attending as a camper the same week they attend T Camp, then your camp account will receive a refund for the days they will miss on the Monday of that week.

    T Camp this summer will be June 11th-13th or July 16th-18th. You must register for T Camp by emailing

Progression of a C.I.T.:

  • C.I.T. 1
    9-week program completed over the course of 2 summers. (Red, White and Blue levels)
  • C.I.T. 2
    Promotion when C.I.T. 1 levels are complete and leadership feels they are ready for more responsibility.
  • Junior Counselor
    promotion to staff member after trained, age of 16, AND when leadership feels they are ready for promotion.

** Because this program is specialized, we reserve the right to call additional trainings at any level of C.I.T.

Cost of C.I.T. Program:

  • C.I.T. 1
    o Red Level (3 weeks): $125.00 per week
    o White Level (3 weeks): $100.00 per week
    o Blue Level (3 weeks): $75.00 per week
  • C.I.T. 2
    o We pay you a stipend at the end of each week based upon your performance and score.

Doublecreek Provides:

  • C.I.T. shirt to be worn on Mondays and Fridays (a 2nd shirt may be purchased for $15)
  • Snacks and lunches for C.I.T. 1s. (Once promoted to C.I.T. 2, you become responsible for yourself.)
  • Training to become the best counselor you can be!