This week I am breaking a promise that I made to myself. Actually, it was an unofficial New Year's Resolution. No more writing about the original Doublecreek in Round Rock. I'm focusing on our campus at Kelly Lane.

I still go out to the old Doublecreek to start up the buses that we haven't moved to Kelly Lane yet. While the buses are running, I do one of two things. Play on my phone or wander around the old Doublecreek. Today I wandered. Technically it's illegal, but sometimes I'm inclined to live dangerously.

It's curious what I come across. Old tennis balls, arrows, soccer balls, playground balls, and lots of old sunscreen bottles. I was walking where the riding ring and tackroom used to be when I saw two old friends. Flying in and out of the trees was a mama cardinal and a papa cardinal. I only saw two cardinals. In the spring you could see baby cardinals flying in and out of the trees. I'm assuming the pair I saw this morning are the pair that I have seen for years. There's no way of knowing. I hope they are.

How long have we had a cardinal family living in the treeline between the tennis court and the riding arena? I don't know. I remember one spring I was trimming trees when I came across their nest. I pointed the nest out to Uncle Carter. After examining the nest, he made a two word comment, "Leave it.".

The buses ran longer this morning. I lost track of time. Walking on the campus since we moved is depressing. Except for today! My buddies are still there. They're flying around like they always did. It felt good watching them.

When I'm finished with this article, I'll go out to work on another fenceline. There are trees on this line which need trimming. If I come across a bird's nest, I'll follow the directions Uncle Carter gave me years ago. I'll, "Leave it."  

P.S. Here's a picture of the papa! Mama was too busy to pose. (Thank goodness I actually had my phone!)

-Joe Ray