I'm not a phone person. I have issues remembering to take my phone with me. You have no idea how many times I have had to retrace my steps when I'm trying to remember where I left my phone. Lucky for me, I always find it!

I really needed my phone last week. Two or three mornings a week, I help with feeding our horses. One morning, my partner whispered, "Joe Ray! Look!" I turned and walking along the fence line was a momma bobcat and two cubs! I guess bobcat babies are called cubs. Calling them kittens doesn't seem appropriate. They were walking slyly along the back fence. They didn't seem to notice us, but we sure noticed them! We watched them until they disappeared into a cane break. "Oh man!" I thought, "I wish I had my phone to record them moving down the fence line!"

The next day, I was starting up our buses when I got another shock (or surprise)! When I was opening Bus 8, an armadillo ran out from under the bus. I am not sure which of us was more surprised! This armadillo was  a lot faster than he looked.

Working at Doublecreek is always surprising. However, since we've moved to Kelly Lane, the excitement level has certainly ticked up! Seeing different wildlife certainly spices things up. We definitely have more of a wilderness vibe here at Kelly Lane. I just need to remember to carry my phone with me so I can prove it!

-Joe Ray