All right, I would like to see a show of hands.... how many of you have gone through a move? Ok, you can put your hands down. I think almost everyone has moved at some point in their life.

When people talk about their adventures in moving, I don't usually hear phrases like "relaxing", "fun", or "I can't wait to do it again". No, I hear many negative comparisons to root canals, sitting in traffic, or dropping an anvil on your foot. get the idea! Moving is something that tests your endurance.

One gauge of how grueling a move will be is how long it has been since the last time you moved. One rule of thumb is the longer you've been at one place, the harder it is to move to another place. Imagine moving after being at one location for 52 years! Imagine moving not just boxes of things, but also horses, dressing rooms, golf courses, copy machines, art supplies..... I'm sure I'm leaving something out...Oh yeah! Maintenance equipment, nurse's station supplies, refrigerators, freezers, file cabinets, horse stalls... and the list goes on so I think I'll stop. You get the idea!

Moving Camp Doublecreek from it's long time home at 800 Doublecreek Drive in Round Rock to 3311 Kelly Lane in Pflugerville is a big deal. I mean a really BIG DEAL! Director Dan has a LONG list of things to do every day. Dan, Kim, Rachel, myself, and dozens of counselors attack this list every day. Right now it feels like we're on a treadmill. You know... always moving, but still in the same place. As soon as Dan checks off one item on the "to do" list, another job slides in it's place. But, we're getting there. Thanks to some very serious worker bees a lot of our materials are packed up and now reside at their new home on Kelly Lane. We have a long road ahead of us, and there will be sure to be twists, turns, and probably some pot holes along the way but we will get it done.

For me, the hardest part has been deciding what to take and what to leave behind. My rule of thumb has been, "when in doubt.....take it!" I know that approach may not be practical, but it's not just "things" we're moving, it's memories also. We are leaving a very special place and we want our new place to be just as special. The great thing about camp is that Doublecreek isn't a place on a map, it's a people, and we know with hard work and persistence, our new place will be just as special because our camp families will be with us!

-Joe Ray