How can I describe our move so far? If this were a movie, would it be drama? A comedy? A horror movie? A musical? A science fiction? What will it be?

Ok, let's eliminate the musical genre. I haven't seen anyone singing or dancing during our move. That would take way too much energy and I'm not sure it would be appreciated.

Next genre to rule out would be science fiction. We've had no visitors from other worlds, none that I've noticed anyway. If they're on the Round Rock campus or the Kelly Lane campus, they have blended nicely. It would be nice to have the Millennium Falcon to speed up the moving process. It seems every time we go from one campus to the other it's either rush hour or a school dismissing. What might really help, would be to fold time and or space.  Is that even possible? Would it be practical for a 15 minute journey?

That brings us to the horror genre. I love watching horror movies but I really don't want to live in one. We've had nothing that would make for a good horror film. Although, I had a pretty good scare when I took down the sign at gun safety and a swarm of wasps flew at me! We've heard rumors that there is a haunted house on the Kelly lane property. If we do have ghosts, they fall in the lazy category, because we haven't seen them.

That leaves Drama and Comedy. We have dealt with our share of drama during this move. Some drama we create and some we just can't help. Our schedule has been ambushed by rain. (Not that we're complaining about rain!) So, what can you do about unwanted drama? Well, you can either laugh or cry. We are more suited to laugh it off and make the best of it. Wait a minute! I left out a genre! The Adventure movies! We are having an adventure! What kind of adventure movie would you have with no problems to solve? Look.... would "Raiders of the Lost Ark" be entertaining without Belloq, Nazis, chase scenes, and snakes.... lots of snakes? I don't think so!

While watching "Raiders", it never occurred to me that Indiana Jones wouldn't succeed in the end. So with that in mind, we are going to get this move done. We may have obstacles to overcome, but we will get there. I just hope Director Dan doesn't have to crack his whip!