It's happening! Our move is upgrading from baby steps to critical mass! First, let me give you my definition of baby steps. If you're moving and one person can carry whatever object you're trying to move, that's a baby step. We've had so many baby steps during the move it would be a challenge for a FIT BIT to keep up with all of them.

Not all baby steps are the same, some are swee'pea baby steps, and others are Baby Huey baby steps. If you don't recognize swee'pea and Baby Huey, just remember I am very OLD school. I suggest a google search!

Anyway, we're past the small stuff. To put this move into perspective, items which would be considered the final step ( at least of any move I've been part of) are mid level steps for our Doublecreek move. Refrigerators, printers, tables, foosball tables, all kinds of furniture, and office supplies and equipment, not to mention equine supplies and equipment. I could mention all the "small" stuff, but I'll spare you going through that list. You get the idea!

The move has been an eye-opener for me. Do you know what D2 is? We are moving it! Changing rooms? We are moving those also! Fences? Taking them apart and they are coming with us. I didn't know some of the stuff mentioned above could be oved until I saw us moving them.

I don't consider myself easily impressed, but watching a structure thirty feet long and sixteen feet wide being delivered and then set up by a team of two workers was impressive! I've watched horse stalls and dressing rooms delivered and set up by one, sometimes two people.

Do you know what move stressed us out the most, though? Moving the horses! I had nothing to do with the move except watching. There was a lot of discussion before this move. How would they handle the move? how would they react to their new home? There was only one way to find out. I'm not a horse expert, but if prancing and tossing your head up and down and back and forth means anything...I think they love their new home!

Actually, their reaction and my reaction were pretty similar. I could almost see them telling each other, "Wow! We have trees, green grass, and a creek!" "I think we're going to like this place."

And I agree with them!

-Joe Ray