Camp Doublecreek Moving to a new location

I realized something recently. In almost every article I've written this summer, I've gone on and on about how hard it will be to leave our Round Rock location and go to our new location in Pflugerville. Yes, we are leaving behind a great campus filled with precious memories.

But now it's time to talk about where we're going. It's not like we're moving two time zones away. Actually, the new location is maybe 15 minutes away from our Round Rock location.

The first thing I noticed when I visited the new campus at Kelly Lane was trees, lots and lots of trees! They came with the property! Uncle Carter and Aunt Trudy had to turn a cotton farm into the current Doublecreek. Almost all the trees on the main campus were planted by Uncle Carter. Director Dan has a problem on the opposite scale. We need to trim trees, not plant them.

The second thing I noticed was a creek and a pond! Time for a short history lesson. When Doublecreek opened in 1971, there were multiple creeks on the property. Over the years, Doublecreek shrank. Developers made offers which couldn't be refused. Long story short, there aren't any creeks at Doublecreek. With the move to Kelly Lane, we will have a creek again....and a pond....and woods!! We can play games we haven't played before! We can do orienteering! We.... alright Joe Ray, get a hold of yourself. Before we can do all the cool things we have talked and dreamed about, we have to get Doublecreek at Kelly Lane ready. That will take preparation and lots of hard work.

I will admit that even though the work is hard, it is also exciting! Creating and building something new is challenging and rewarding. One aspect of Doublecreek Leadership is to embrace challenges, not run from them. Our new location has so much potential. The longer we work at Kelly Lane, we will see different and exciting ways to do our established activities and we also see so many new and thrilling activities that we can't wait to explore. Will we get it done? Well, the thing about camp is it's never completely "done", but we will have a place where campers and counselors can grow and have fun!

How do I know this will happen? Because making memories is simply in the Doublecreek DNA!

-Joe Ray