We have a hat! It's a top hat that is black velvet (imitation velvet), with three burgundy stripes outlined with gold thread (also imitation). On each stripe, are two miniature gold plated skills (definitely imitation) and gold colored thread circles on the base of the hat.

This is our "Best In Show" hat. Is resembles the type of hat worn by a master of ceremony of a circus. Once a week, leadership selects a counselor to be "Best In Show". The counselor who is chosen, has gone above and beyond expectations. Since leadership is involved with selecting this person, we have multiple counselors nominated. During our Friday morning counselor meeting, Dan or Rachel will read off all the names of the counselors nominated. Then we do the Doublecreek Drumroll. This is created by slapping your thighs. Then "Best In Show" is announced. We can only have one counselor be "Best In Show" because we only have one hat. The winning counselor has the option to wear or not wear the hat all day on Friday. Most counselors wear the  hat!

We also have a bear. A teddy bear named Bernard! I'm a little fuzzy on where he came from. Bernard is not just another cute face, he is an integral part of our programming. We have a game called "Find Bernard". "Find Bernard" is our version of the game sardines. Sardines is a hide and go seek game. Someone hides, then the rest of the players search for whoever is hiding. When you find the player who is hiding, you don't yell, "Here they are!" You stand by them, making as little noise as possible. When other searchers find you they stand next to you. In the end, everybody is packed in like.....wait for it....sardines!

At Doublecreek, we hide Bernard and campers have to find him. Campers seem to enjoy finding Bernard more than finding a human. I was worried that Bernard would be ripped up by our zealous campers, but lucky for us, that hasn't happened.

Bernard is a camp favorite. On the last day of camp, campers have asked if they could have Bernard. I had to tell them no. We will always have a place for Bernard. He is definitely "Best in Show"!

- Joe Ray