This week we are celebrating National Unplugged Day! As I understand it, on this day, we are encouraged to avoid technology. How far does this go? No phones, no computer, and do not watch TV. I believe on this day, you are supposed to go outside and enjoy nature. Go on a run, take a hike, or row a boat on a lake. Does that mean no headphones? No headphones! Where does that ever happen?

Camp Doublecreek, that's where it happens! We are unplugged all day, every day and we've been that way since 1971. Granted, in 1971, we did not have the technology we have today. Television was dependent on an antenna. Your phone was attached to the wall. The phrase "hand line" was not in use. Cell phones? Maybe the President had one.

That was then and this is now. Today campers have access to technology that in 1971 was only available if you had access to a computer big enough to fill a basement. Now, they can hold it in their hand!

At Doublecreek, we want campers phones to stay at home. They don't need them here. They do not need a phone to play water games, engage in horseback riding, play soccer, kickball, four-square,  ga-ga ball, shoot an arrow, climb a rockwall, play capture the flag, go on a scavenger hunt, create treasures at arts & crafts, or dance at sing-song! Have a left something out? Most definitely! I'm sure you get the idea. We take pride in providing campers a rewarding experience by keeping them engaged, and inspired. As well as, challenging and encouraging them throughout the day at Camp Doublecreek.

At Doublecreek, we want campers to have a good time, without relying on screen time!  

-Joe Ray