I am a summer child! I LOVE summer! Hot weather suits me. I'm good with cut-offs, t-shirts, and sunscreen. I can do without heavy coats, layers of sweatshirts, and gloves. I'm not wired to deal with frozen streets, sidewalks, and (yikes!) frozen pipes! Cabin fever is settling in. I can only watch TV for so long and drink so much coffee. At least I have power, so many of my friends do not. I know I'm not alone when I say, "I can't wait for spring!"

Spring will come, and then summer!! The thought warms me up as well as a cup of hot chocolate will. This winter storm has delayed not only most delivery vehicles, but it's also delayed preparations for having Doublecreek ready for our opening day, June 5th 2023!

While we've had a delay with getting the camp in shape, we are working on a host of other details. As sure as spring will come, Doublecreek will be open. We will be here and we hope you will join us. I know it's hard to think about summer when you are slipping and sliding on the ice. But, it's time to make plans for the summer. We hope Doublecreek will be a part of your summer plans.

For many, summer wouldn't be summer without Camp Doublecreek and Doublecreek wouldn't be Doublecreek without you!

-Joe Ray