I hope you don't think I'm odd, but I really enjoy this time of the year. I'm referring to the final days of December. I start thinking about the New Year. I always set goals for myself. My goals focus on being in better shape physically, financially, and spiritually when the end of 2023 rolls around. I try to set realistic goals and not go overboard on the number of goals that if I obtained them all I would be a totally new person. I don't want to be a new person, just a better one.

We have goals for Camp Doublecreek. This year our goals are both different and challenging. I'm looking out a window from our new admin building and I see a whole lot of work we need to do. I also see even more potential! We are working on getting our new home at Kelly Lane ready for the coming summer. Actually, we've already cleaned and cleared large areas of our new campus. We can visualize where activities will be go but we won't know what the activity will look like until we have campers engaging in the activity.

We have goals. Many are tied to the time frames. Having equipment, materials, and structures all ready for the first day of camp. Listing all the details in front of us would stretch from 3311 Kelly Lane, to the 130 toll road!

We will be ready! We will have staff prepared to challenge, engage, encourage, and inspire all campers. All our goals lead to one magnificent goal. Our goals is to have campers have a rich and rewarding experience while they can explore, create, and grow. I know this isn't a classic goal. Goals need to be precise and measurable. How do you measure success when it deals with building relationships and creating wonderful memories?

Let's face it! Our goals are difficult to measure. It's not like losing weight or improving your marathon time. How can you measure if a day was drab or it it was an adventure? That can only be measured by smiles of campers getting into your car in the afternoon and by the stories they tell on the way home.

I hope you'll let us be part of your child's summer adventure! And they will have a great Adventure! At least that's our goal!

-Joe Ray