Today, Thursday October 20, 2022, Dan, Kim, Rachel, and myself went to a STARRY fundraiser luncheon. When I saw this event on the calendar there was a note, 'business casual dress'. The phrase 'business casual dress' through me for a loop. I don't go to many luncheons. What is casual? I taught for forty years. I taught either Special Education or PE. During the summer, I taught at Camp Doublecreek where I would wear shorts and a t-shirt. So, my 'business' attire was always 'casual'. How should I dress?

After careful consideration (and stress), I settled on slacks with a dress shirt. Should I wear a tie? I decided against it. Long story short. It didn't matter. Some mean wore suits, some wore jeans, and not many men in attendance bothered with a tie. So, I was OK!

As usual, I stressed out over something that didn't matter. What did matter was the reason for the luncheon. This was a fundraiser for STARRY. An organization who provides amazing and critical services to families with children up to 17 years old. Camp Doublecreek has partnered with STARRY over the years. Children who lived with foster families under the STARRY umbrella have attended Camp Doublecreek.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to attend today. Chief Allen Banks of the Round Rock Police Department gave an emotional and insightful speech which brought into focus the value and necessity of organizations such as STARRY. At some point, everyone needs support. Some children who are in real danger of falling through the cracks need a lifeline. STARRY provides a lifeline for hundreds, if not thousands, of deserving children. I am so proud that Camp Doublecreek partners with STARRY to give support and love to children who need everything we have to offer.