I was informed that April 25th is National DNA Day. My first thought was, DNA? We are celebrating DNA? Who comes up with this stuff? Celebrating pies, cookies, cakes, puppies, and kittens, I can understand, but, DNA? Well, I guess we have to celebrate everything.

I tell people all the time, whenever I mess up, it's just part of my DNA! I don't know if ineptitude can be blamed on DNA, but, I do it anyway. When it comes to Camp Doublecreek, I have often referred to things we do as, "That's part of the Doublecreek DNA!" We also refer to how and why we do things as being a part of, "our fabric". The way that we, as directors, lead by example showing our leadership members, staff members, C.I.T.s, and even campers, our core values and mission statement makes us who we are!

It all goes back to our core values; Challenge, Encourage, Engage, and Inspire! These are our values. They are not just "posted on the wall values". We believe in them and live by them. When Director Dan became CEO of Camp Doublecreek, we took these values and made them a part of our official hexagon, but we've always had them. They were values that Uncle Carter and Aunt Trudy started and carried them through generations. They became a part of what we are. So, yes! They are in our DNA! One facet of our DNA, is meeting challenges. With our move this year we've had challenges come at us in waves. We think a problem is solved, then another takes its place. Then the problem we thought was solved crops up again. The frustration levels we've delt with are through the roof. We've been told to take a "chill pill". We are past "chill pills", we need blood pressure monitors!

I am so proud of our Directors! At this point, Dan, Rachel, Kim, and Mike would be excused if they simply threw up their hands and said, "That's it!" It can't be done!" But that's not in our DNA! We believe there is always a way to get something done. We are searching for options. The answers may be extreme, but we are willing to try anything if it means serving kids. Doublecreek will certainly take a different "format" this summer, but rest assured, we will bring all the factors that make Doublecreek, Doublecreek in the form of our staff, programming, and care for kids. That's just how we roll.....it's in our DNA!

-Joe Ray