10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1! We have ignition and we have lift off! I grew up with that phrase. I'm sure that's not the exact wording, but that's what I remember! I don't remember much about 1st grade except for an event in May of 1961! I remember the day Alan Shepard became the first American in space! We had a very long recess that day. It looked like all of James Bowie Elementary was on the playground. Teachers huddled together talking about a 15 minute space flight. Basically, Alan Shepard went straight up and came back down. It doesn't sound like much now, but it was a big deal in 1961. The flight made an impression on me for two reasons. 1. An American went into space 2. I got a really long recess out of it!

We have our own countdown going on at Camp Doublecreek! As of May 6th, we have 30 days until our own lift-off! On June 5th, 2023 we begin our post Round Rock phase of Camp Doublecreek. We have good news and bad news! Bad news first....we will not be operating at Kelly Lane. :( We are still attempting to hack our way through a jungle of red tape which blocks our path to opening this campus in Pflugerville. Good News! We will open on June 5th, 2023 at a beautiful venue. Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock!

Lone Oak will be a wonderful location for us. It has a creek, large roomy fields (where we can play every game imaginable), and a large spacious building that's perfect for meeting areas and an escape if we get inclement weather.

This is not how we planned for our summer to go. When it became clear that Kelly Lane would not be an option, we have 2 choices. Either cancel Doublecreek this summer or find another location. We entertained option 1 for about a millionth of a nano second, then we chose option #2! Campers and their families have always been our priority!

Option #2 didn't come easy. It involved an insane amount of legwork to find a suitable location, but we found one! In fact, I'd say we hit a home run!

So now, we are working at warp speed to have everything ready for June 5th! How far is Lone Oak from Kelly Lane? Let's just say, in the time it takes to travel, it's shorter than Alan Shepard's flight AND it's a great place to have an extended recess! ;)

-Joe Ray