Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy… If you have heard or read this passage on love, it gives a good design to the actions and thoughts we should have to show love. But what happens when others intentionally don’t show you love? What is your level or threshold of patience and kindness? 

Last February, I endured a personal journey that made me ask these questions and challenged me (core value) to show love even when love was not being reciprocated. If you're asking yourself, does this have to do with our move and the build out of Kelly Lane, you are reading ahead! To start, I focus and strive deeply to show all around me that children are our greatest assets. This career path I have chosen is a path of passion as much as it is a labor of love. Now that you know my perspective you can see why I became bewildered and frustrated by some of the interactions we were having with local authorities that seemed to be in direct opposition to my philosophy. Now to be fair, I realize everyone has a job to do and tries to stay in their lane, but the bottom line was/is to give us the guidance and we will do what we do best in making camp a safe, fun and happy place (as Uncle Carter used to say). When those that you want to love in this situation make it very difficult you arrive at two conclusions. You can throw patience and kindness out the window or you look at it from a child’s perspective. You can take the simple blessings that you have and pursue them. In other words, do not envy the situation you had in the past or wish things could be different. Take what you do have and go share it. Well, I know it is not as simple as this blog may make it seem, but I chose to try to view it like a child. What do I have to offer and share? Well, horses! Transportation! I have a new Adventure course! A great leadership team and staff program that grows our own through kindness and traditions! And if sharing is caring then I can be patient and kind in this situation. You see, love is not just patient, patience is love. Same with kindness and all other characteristics love possesses. In my journey over the last year, I have realized in myself that I cannot just strive for love, but I have to be love. 

I can honestly say that today, I love where we are at Doublecreek and the people we interact with each day (yes even the ones mentioned earlier). But if your mind is still curious about the plan for camp then checkout the video and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Directors to inquire. (in a loving way of course)

Director Dan