We have a significant date coming up. Saturday April 22nd, 2023 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. you can come out and plant a tree. We would love for you to call our office, 512-255-3661, and make a donation toward a tree and/or RSVP for Saturday April 22nd. You can plant a tree in someone's memory or just leave your mark on our new campus.  Trees have always been a valued commodity at Camp Doublecreek.

Trees were especially valued when Doublecreek first opened in 1971. Shade was scarce. We had 2 trees, the red building, and 2 very small shade shelters to provide protection from the Texas heat. Uncle Carter spent the first two years planting trees whenever and where ever he could. It took some time. Several years, in fact, but we eventually had more shade. It wasn't just shade the trees provided. Trees contributed to the special vibe that made Doublecreek a special place.

I have a theory! Trees are a reflection of the person who plants them. I have one piece of evidence of this theory outside of Doublecreek. The Doublecreek trees were solid, helpful, and fun to be around. Does that sound like anybody you know?

So, on the 22nd, you will have a chance to contribute to the vibe of our new campus on Kelly Lane in Pflugerville. Feel free to come out and plant a tree. It doesn't matter if you want to honor someone special or if you just want to plant a tree. Either way you will become part of the Doublecreek roof system. A system that not only supplies nutrients to trees but joy and compassion to generations of campers.

-Joe Ray