I am not mechanically inclined....not even close. Our archery targets and stands came in about 6 weeks ago. The stands have remained unopened until today. Why? They required directions to put them together. When I see the phrase, "some assembly required", I go into avoidance mode. I employ the "I'll do it tomorrow" attitude. Whenever someone mentioned putting the archery stand together I would say, "I'll do it tomorrow". Which means...I'm really hoping someone else will do it.

Long story short... Today the archery stands were assembled. Josh Lucas, Sydney Bunce, and Tyra Collier were here and they helped put the stands together. We started by looking at the directions. Most of the time that's a good place to start. In this case, not so much. The pictorial directions weren't much help. Lots of circled numbers with arrows pointing to the same spot, but we pressed on anyway. Through trial and (lots of) error, we managed to put a stand together. The legs of the stand were made up of two poles. Whenever we moved the stand the bottom poles fell off. It was decided the best course of action was to leave the poles off. They remaining stands came together much faster. Putting short compact stands together went much faster than putting tall flimsy stands together.

Our finished product looked nothing like the promotional pictures in the catalogue, but they held the targets. Considering Josh, Sydney, Tyra and myself were pretty much on our own, I think we did O.K.

Some may be asking, "What did we do with the leftover parts?" Well, in true Doublecreek fashion, the fellowship of useless parts was created. I'm not sure what this fellowship is supposed to do, but hey! We got a good picture out of it!

-Joe Ray