Out with the old, in with the new. I've heard this phrase many times, especially this time of year. Emotionally I'm done with 2023. I'm gearing up for 2024! January 1st sounds like a good start date. How many diets, exercise programs, or home projects are scheduled to begin on the first day of the year? Speaking for myself, every year I make grandiose plans to improve myself. I should call it Joe Ray make-over plan. How long do I stick with my make-over plan? Please don't judge me, but by Valentine's Day, my make-over dreams are in the rear-view mirror.

The leadership of Camp Doublecreek is ready to put 2023 in the rear-view mirror. 2023 was a challenge! Let me re-phrase that... 2023 was filled with challenges. Once one issue was settled, another issue cropped up. Sometimes it felt like we were playing a losing game of whack-a-mole. Without replaying last year (that would require a novel), let's just say we are looking forward to 2024 with excitement and confidence.

For 2024, we are settled in on Reunion Ranch for our primary camp location. We appreciated the Reunion Ranch staff, and the physical layout of the grounds was terrific! We had room to do everything we did at our Round Rock location. Now that we're returning to Reunion Ranch, we're expanding activities and adding new ones.

Also in 2024, we will expand activities at DC Adventures. In case you are not familiar with DC Adventures, that is our secondary location off Spicewood Springs Rd. Our 5th, 6th, and 7th and up campers have the option to go to that location one day a week. Last summer, we went to DC Adventures for a Rockwall and challenge course option. Let's just say DC Adventures isn't just for Rockwall anymore. In 2024, we will add archery, gun safety, a playscape, and water activities.

One characteristic of Doublecreek leadership is looking for paths to improve our campers' experience. All through 2023, at either Reunion Ranch or DC Adventures, I heard this phrase, "Let's try this!" or "This could be fun!". Looking for ways to bring more enjoyment and meaning to our campers' day is what we do.

So, 2023 is phasing into 2024. I don't view December 31st as an end. Lessons from 2023 will blend into 2024. We are in a time of transition. This is an exciting time. We are not ending a journey; we are continuing our journey by exploring new territory. What we learn in 2024 will be incorporated when we slide into 2025. Does this mean in 2024 we will have a new camp? I'm not sure if we should call is a "new" camp, but it will definitely be a better camp!