I've heard you can tell many things about people based on their playlist. I'm not convinced. My playlist is all over the place, which means I'm all over the place. Wait a minute! There might be something to this theory....

Doublecreek has 2 playlists. The songs we sing at sing song and on the bus come from one playlist. Our sing song playlist has remained fairly consistent over the years. I came across a counselor training manual from way back in the day. I counted 34 songs on the list. Some songs we still sing! Some songs we haven't sung since the previous millennium. Occassionally, a counselor asks for a song that they remember from their camper days. This creates a problem. We're singing a song that maybe 5 people can sing. Sing song goes flat when 5 people are singing and over 300 are wondering why we are singing that song.

We have a second playlist at Camp Doublecreek, also! This is our list of games. Counting small group games, large group games, and sit down games, we have over 50 games specfic to Doublecreek. This playlist is very fluid. It's hard to believe but during the early years of Doublecreek, we rarely played soccer. We played football. Especially when it rained. Mud football was a BLAST! Of course, we've always had kickball, but later we developed blooperball! What's Blooperball you ask? It is the Doublecreek version of softball, except, we use a tennis ball. From day one, older campers have played volleyball, while younger campers played newcomb. Newcomb is a throw and catch version of volleyball. Apparently, we play newcomb differently from everyone else. It's gratifying to have campers say that they prefer our version!

Tag games have always been the rage at Camp Doublecreek. We played the golden oldies: Freeze tag, statues in the park, and basic 'tag, you're it'. We now have several large group tag games: Wolf over the River and Colored Eggs (this is a camper favorite -- I think because campers get to yell, "Flush down the toilet!").

Ever heard of Blob, Capture the Flag, Steal the Bacon, or Humans vs. Zombies? These are staples on our playlist. I've watched Humans vs. Zombies several times. I'm still trying to figure that game out. Our newest large group game is Lava Lake. Lava Lake is a ramped-up version of sharks and minnows. The games we play are not totally original, but we play them with a twist......a Doublecreek twist!

So the next time your campers come home talking about a game that you've never heard of before, let them teach it to you! It's part of our Doublecreek playlist! Bring on the fun!

-Joe Ray