I've heard all of my life that events both good and bad come in threes. If you've had a flat tire or a cracked windshield, brace yourself! One or more catastrophe is on the way. A speeding ticket, busted transmission, something traumatic is on your horizon. I'm not sure about good things coming in threes. If that has happened, I don't remember. I supposed events which bruise my psyche affect my long-term memory more than pleasant ones.

This summer, Camp Doublecreek will come threes! They will ALL be good, I promise! We will operate on three fronts. #1: We are going back to Reunion Ranch. Reunion Ranch will be the hub of operations for Camp Doublecreek. We are totally captivated by Reunion Ranch. We have more than enough space to do every activity on the Camp Doublecreek "playlist". This year, we're even adding one more hit to our playlist. Paddle Boats! #2: DC Adventures! Our 5th grade and above campers will have the options to go to DC Adventures! This campus is located off Spicewood Springs Rd. This is where we have our ropes course. Last summer, the ropes course was all we had, but this summer we've added gaga ball, an above ground pool, archery and gun safety! Also, we've added corn hole, horseshoes, and a swing ring game. (I'm not sure what the actual name of this game is called) #3: DC Riding at our Pflugerville campus! This is our home for horseback. Last summer, all we had was horseback, but this summer we will have a half day summer camp devoted to horseback. Also, we've added archery, arts and crafts, and plenty of camp games!

There you have it! Three venues which translate into three times the fun! We can empathetically state, at Camp Doublecreek, good things come in threes!

-Joe Ray