Tuesday September 13th, was a special day! Dan, Rachel, Kim, Mike, and yours truly, gathered at our new home on Kelly Lane. What was the occasion? We started setting up shop! It was time to figure out who and what went where. We moved several desks, installed shelves, opened boxes, and sorted through supplies and equipment. It was pretty exciting and we achieved many things!

By the end of the day we found ourselves closer to being ready but still had a long way to go. Some areas of the house had water, other areas didn't. Lights were on if the light fixtures worked. There are a couple of items we need that would come in handy such as, phones and internet. But, everything mentioned above is in the process of being fixed. We may not have everything now, but we will have it when we need it.

I mentioned we moved in several desks.. and Rachel asked me where I wanted my desk.

What? A desk! I have never had a desk at Doublecreek! I've obviously had a desk when I was teaching, but not at Doublecreek. I didn't need one. Everything I need is in two sheds. Wait, three sheds, I forgot about the archery shed. Which technically, isn't mine; but I use it frequently. Hold the phone! In the office I had not one but two shelves! So why do I get a desk now? Since I retired from teaching, I will be around camp more in the off season than before. Something tells me the rest of leadership wants me to have a desk so I'll have a place to hang out and I won't be bugging them.

Anyway, now I have a desk and a chair to go with it. I like the idea of a desk. So far I've been too busy to sit down and work there so I'm not real sure what it means to have a desk at Doublecreek, yet but the time is coming!

Today, Kim asked me if I would like to have a computer!

A computer!! That might be a tad dangerous......